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Instruction Emulation and vcpu implementation for e500 core

Question asked by Amit Tomar Employee on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by Scott Wood

I have the basic idea about Hardware assisted virtualization which allows execution of most of the instruction of target(qemu) directly without emulation .but there are some

privileged instruction can not be executed directly and whenever these privileged instruction are executed by target (qemu) ,control is transferred back to Hypervisor(kvm)

which then emulates these instruction in software.


Now for e500 core, are there only two instructions(mtspr and mfspr) emulated as per e500_emulate.c?


If so how do we decide these two instruction needs to be emulated and how its implementation take place in KVM code?


Also ,It would be great if some one can tell me,how vcpu has implemented in KVM code,what is basic idea behind it?