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FRDM K64F KDS PE SPI Clock Rate setting

Question asked by Brian Mohlman on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2015 by ChrisTango

Hello All,


I am starting a project using the FRDMK64F board. I have the core clocking set for the max of 120MHz and I have added the fsl_Dspi bean to the project and when I try to set the clock rate I get:


Description Resource Path Location Type

Timing setting failed in Clock configuration 2 - it is impossible to set the following items: selected value (Clock rate) K64Test  spiCom1/Clock rate Processor Expert Problem
(I have attached a screenshot)

I have tried setting is to several different clock rates (2MHz, 6MHz, 12MHz, 20MHz) with the same result. .Anyone point me to what I am doing wrong?


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