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is Kinetis's timer Consistent ?

Question asked by Amit Kumar on Aug 28, 2014
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I am using K60 ,100Mhz uc with CW10.5 and PE. I wanted some exact timer in my project. so I used the PE component TimerInt but I am no getting the exact value. Is there anything wrong in my code? I wanted timer to interrupt at around 800 Hz or more. but it is not consistent, I tried for lesser values also the attached program is for 400Hz with the o/p. Most stable values I was getting at 100 Hz higher than that frequency, the timer values was inconsistent. I don't think that 100MHz uc is supposed to work like this(at least not for such a small frequency) but I feel there is something wrong in the code. kindly have a look and help me to resolve this issue.  In the attached documents o/p values are captured at 100Hz and 400Hz, I have marked the occurrence of inconsistent values in both.


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