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About ECC function of NAND controller in i.MX515.

Question asked by Keita Nagashima on Aug 28, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2014 by igorpadykov

Dear Sir or Madam,



I have a question about ECC function of NAND controller in i.MX515.



The ECC error occurred with two boards of my customer.

It is judged READ_SECTOR_ECC_ERROR because of ECC_STATUS_RESULT = 0x0f000ff0.

Refer to 45.7.15 ECC Status and Result of Flash Operation (ECC_STATUS_RESULT) in i.MX51RM(Rev.1).



Is the value of ECC_STATUS_RESULT(= 0x0f000ff0) correct?

(i.e. Is the ECC function of NAND controller working right?)


I send the page which was made from NAND controller.

See attached fileh: PJ_001.bin & PJ_001.txt(hexdump)

The number of NAND FLASH which becames an error was 0x6900.

Could you check and calculate this page whether or not the ECC feature is correct.



- Board: Custom board

- OS: WCE600

- NAND: Toshiba 8Gbit TC58DVG3S0ETA00

-Detail of NAND Flash

  #define NAND_BLOCK_CNT          (4096)      // 4096 blocks

  #define NAND_PAGE_CNT           (64)        // Each Block has 64 Pages

  #define NAND_PAGE_SIZE          (4096)      // Each Page has 4096 Bytes

  #define NAND_SPARE_SIZE         (128)       // Each Page has 128 Bytes spare space

  #define NAND_BUS_WIDTH          (8)         // 8-bit bus



NAND Flash maker said; NAND Flash itself is no-problem by their reserchment.


Best Regards,



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