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Local variable overlaps part of global variable space

Question asked by Louis Lee on Aug 28, 2014
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It's first time I contact S08AW32 w/ codewarrior 10.6. The development tool is Multilink Universal. I create several files and many function calls.


In file Main.c:

void main(void)





In file Record.c:

typedef struct {

     byte Template[498];

     // other members

} tUserData;


void Record_AddUser(void)


     tUserData sUserData;


     // do something...


     memcpy(sUserData.Template, gbyTemplate, 498);     // <------ overlapping !!!!



In file FP.c: (provided by h/w module vendor)

byte gbyTemplate[498];     // global variable


void GetTemplate(byte* pBuf)


     byte Buf[498];


     // do somethins to get Template, and put it into Buf.

     memcpy(pBuf, Buf, 498);




After calling function GetTemplate(gbyTemplate), value of many other variables are changed. And then, I find something wrong. The structure sUserData is allocated at 0x0133, and gbyTemplate is allocated at 0x00A5. Can anyone help? Thank you!!