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How can I use Shell_smtp and gmail

Question asked by david white on Aug 28, 2014
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I am confused about how to use Shell_smtp to connect to a gmail account.  How do I find out what gmail server to target?  Is it or  I have my shell commands setup like:

const SHELL_COMMAND_STRUCT Shell_commands[] = {

   { "ipconfig",  Shell_ipconfig },     


   { "ping",      Shell_ping },     


   { "smtp",    Shell_smtp },

   { "sh",        Shell_sh },

   { "help",      Shell_help },

   { "?",         Shell_command_list },   

   { "exit",      Shell_exit },

   { NULL,        NULL },



shell> smtp -h

-f <> -t <> -s [-u Username] [-p Password] -m "text of email message"

-f - Sender email address.

-t - Recipient email address.

-s - Email server that should be used for sending of email.

-u - Username for authentication.

-p - Password for authentication.

-m - Email text.

-h - Display this usage information.



So is the command something like this?

shell>smtp  -f -t -s -u myGmailAccountUsername -p myGmailAccountPassword -m "text of email message"


When I try variants of the command above I get the following after some minutes of delay:

SMTPClient - Connection failed. Error: 0x1649


Thanks for any help,