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Does Android 4.4.2 take the resistive touch panel's absolute value?

Question asked by Yanjun Luo on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by SergioSolis


My home made i.MX6Q board connect a resistive touch panel and follow the below link to add it supports on Android 4.4.2.


My touch chip is TSC2007 and changed the driver to add the calibration support, I referenced the below code.


Now from the value I'm very sure the value report to Android is right one, like the left top is about (0, 0), and the right bottom is (800, 600), my LCD is 800X600 resolution. Now Android can find the touch input, but the cycle cursor move very slowly, the move direction is right. It looks like it doens't take my touch panel driver's abosute value. I don't know where can I find some documents about the touch input definition of the Android 4.4.2. I need some map or similar changes I guess.


Does anyone know this?


Thanks in advance.



Yanjun Luo.