uCOS for dsp56807

Discussion created by Wicher on Sep 11, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2007 by Wicher

I am trying to make the uCOS-II (v. 2.76) work on the dsp56807 with use of CodeWarrior 7.0. PE does not provide any example of using uCOS with this CPU so I have:

- created a new project for dsp56807
- added the uCOS beam
- added the uCOS files to the 'code' directory and to the project as 'user beams'. I also made some minor changes in them (changing to "" in #includes, otherwise it doesn't compile)
- copied a code from a uCOS example (CPUUtil) to my main project file
- compiled the project

It was possible to compile the project, but after running it, CPU was behaving at least weird. After invoking OSStart() the programm was returning to the very beginning of main() (it looks like a CPU reset). Does anybody know the reason of these problems? Have any of you tried to run uCOS dsp56807 (i.e. dsp568xx) ? Any hints?