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KL46Z ADC jumping all over the place when Averaging is 32 samples or Set for 16-Bit Resolution

Question asked by Moises Escobedo on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by Moises Escobedo

Hello Everyone,


I am currently working with the KL46Z mcu

and trying to use ADC with PE 10.4 and averaging enable.


When I enable averaging of  32 Samples per channel

my readings jump all over the place, but when setup for less than 32

my readings are OK.


The KL46Z is power from 5V using internal VREG

VREFH is tied to VDDA which is tied to VOUT33 from mcu.

VREFL is tied to VSSA which is tied to Board's GND (VSS1 to 4).


The ADC is setup for 12-Bit Resolution and 20us Conversion Time


Now if the averaging are set below 32 samples but ADC resolution is set for 16-Bit

the readings are jump around not as much as when 32 Aver setup but readings are

not correct.


Has any body else experience similar issue?