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mfgtool run error in winxp after rebuild src under win7 with wsdk7.1

Question asked by Mosee Neview on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2014 by Mosee Neview

mfgtool run error in winxp after rebuild under win7 with wsdk7.1


1) mfgtoolib version 2.2.3

2) build mfgtool src in vs2008 with sdk7.1 under win7

3) after rebuild .

      run mfgtool in win7  => ok

      run mfgtool in winxp  => error as below:

                     not found initialzeConditionVeriable in kernel32.dll.

as we know, initialzeConditionVeriable is not for winxp, but good for win7,8,8.1.

could anyone tell how to fix this issue. and then the exe program can run in winxp and win7 perfectly at the same time?

help me plz.

waiting for your kindly help.