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KDS and MQX at the moment

Question asked by je rosell on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by Jonothan Kane

Our company has been working with the Coldfire 53321 designing CAN/Ethernet communications devices for 4 years but due to its heating and low memory problems, we have decided to upgrade to a more powerful and actual microcontroller, and also take advantage of MQX features.

We have bought the FRDM-K64F and we have some questions regarding KDS, CDW10.6, KSDK and MQX:


· Is it posible to create a MQX project in KDS at the moment with a wizard like CW10.6? Or the only way to use MQX and KDS is as explained in Getting Started with Freescale MQX™ RTOS for Kinetis SDK? Do we have to wait until the December upgrade to work like this? (we have new micro, new IDE, new SDK, new middleware so everything that make easier the start is highly appreciated)

· I've read that it's not recommended to design solutions with this SDK as it's a beta, do you recommend us to begin working with MQX and RTOS4.1 and when it's out the official release, change to KSDK? Or should we begin working with KSDK and learn how the SDK works? (We don't know if the KDS peripheral drivers is very different to CW10.6/RTOS 4.1.x, and the advances we may make during this 3 months won't be useful when we migrate to KDS, which is a must in the future as it's license-free)


Thank you in advance and sorry for my English.