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K60 with external code memory

Question asked by Rodney Harruff on Aug 26, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by Kan_Li

I'm trying to run code in an external flash on the FlexBus.  I would like to set instruction breakpoints in the code in external flash for debugging. It appears that I will have to use the aliased region that resides on the code bus between 0x1800_0000 and 0x1BFF_FFFF (aliased to 0x9800_0000 and 0x9BFF_FFFF).  Is this correct?


Do I use the aliased address (0x1XXX_XXXX) for all references to this space in the linker file and CSARX?


I'm using a K60FX512VLQ12 and can't seem to read the memory in the memory window of my debugger (IAR EWARM) when the CSARX is set to 0x1800_0000, but if I change CSARX to one of the external memory/peripheral regions I can read the contents of my flash part.  Does my processor have the aliased region?  Are there any other settings that are required to enable this aliased function?