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Question about i.MX6 Solo Interrupt Event Register (ENET_EIR)

Question asked by George Fukutomi on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by George Fukutomi

Dear All,


We use i.MX6 Solo for our product.

Our original RTOS works on it.

We are writing the ethernet driver for i.MX6 solo now.


Please let me know about Interrupt Event Register (ENET_EIR).

The following descriptions are in a reference manual.

bit31 seems unused.

However, in SourceCode of SDK or Linux, it seems to be Heatbeat error event.


iMX6_platform_SDK/sdk/drivers/enet/enet.h :

42    enum {

43      ENET_EVENT_HBERR = 0x80000000,


iMX6_platform_SDK/sdk/drivers/enet/src/enet_drv.c :

483    if (value & ENET_EVENT_HBERR) {

484        printf("WARNGING[POLL]: Hearbeat error!\n");

485    }


Is actually this bit valid?

Do we need to watch this bit?


Best Regards,