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KDS File Save problem

Question asked by Colin Howard on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by Luc VAN WALLEGHEM



Having traditionally been a Codewarrior Classic fan I've only just taken the big leap into the wonderful world of KDS and Eclipse. 15 minutes into using KDS and I'm already hitting cryptic error messages!


When I try to build it is complaining it "Could not save the project location". (see below)  I can see that the directory Static_Code\PDD has been created (W:\KinetisDesignStudio\HEVAC\Hevac1\Static_Code\PDD) but the directory is empty.


As an experiment, if I try and save one of the files manually "ie File->Save As" without changing the name then it reports that the file already exists, even though it does not appear in Windows Explorer.  If I add a prefix, such as _PORT_PDD.h then I can save it and it appears in Explorer. 


Any comments appreciated.




KDS Issue1.png