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i.MX6 Vivante with Linux 3.16 Stable

Question asked by ottawa-imx6 on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by ottawa-imx6

Hello, I am running mainline(ish) 3.16.1 on a custom i.MX6 board which is working very well including a basic rgb parallel display and fb support through mxc_lcdif etc which i brought forward in /drivers/video/mxc/.


I would like to get an accelerated graphics stack running and am looking for some advice/guidance on getting the vivante gpu up and running with a basic xfce or similar windowed environment.

Currently I am simply using qt 4x in qws mode and I would like to get accelleration working before I start looking at qt5.


I am using oe to generate my angstrom image, but the vivante kernel support doesn't seem to be available for mainline and there seems to be a myriad of drivers/files and modifications needed to get this going.


Specifically, I am looking for a list of 'requirements' that need to be met so that I can tackle them one at a time but haven't found any documentation outlining all of the requirements.


1. /drivers/gpu/drm requirements?

2. /drivers/gpu/ipu_v3 requirements?

3. vpu power configuration?

4. gpc gpu/vpu clocks?

5. vivante kernel drivers?

6. user-space drivers required?

7.device tree bindings required in my dts files?

8. other things that I probably forgot....


bonus question, since I currently am NOT using the gpu, how can I confirm that is is not using up extra power unnecessarily until I get this sorted out?


I know that this is a very board question/set of questions, so don't feel the need to answer everything but please chime in if you have any ideas or questions!



Thanks everyone