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i.Mx6 SPI-Slave interrupts

Question asked by Aarthi CR on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by Robert Göllner

Hi All,


I am currently working on i.Mx6 SPI-Slave and I am able to communicate with Master.

(When I transmit 5 data from Master, Test register Rx count will also read as 5 and so on)

If I continuously transmit data from Master, RxFifo gets full and when I poll for the status register, status RO gets set. (as expected)

But I am neither getting ROEN nor RFEN interrupts. 

Have any one faced similar issue before with iMx6 SPI.


Whenever I start the device I get a TC interrupt and I dont receive subsequent interrupts..


Initialization process that I have followed right now

  1. Disable ECSPI block
  2. Enable ECSPI
  3. Enable clock
  4. Set control and config registers: SPI burst length set is 32 bit (1f)
  5. Enabled interrupts for ROEN, RFEN, RDREN, RREN


Please let me know if you need detailed configuration.


Thanks in advance.