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Copy entire folder structure using Mfgtool

Question asked by stephenhewitson on Aug 22, 2014
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We use mfgtool to push a WinCE image ("nk.nb0") to an iMX28. As part of this process I also want to send the application we will be running.


Currently we are required to plug a USB stick containing the application into the product and copy the *.cab file across manually, followed by unpacking the application.

I've seen that it might be possible to call <CMD type="push" body="mkdir /test"/> to create a folder, but is it possible to define a file (or entire unpacked folder structure) that is copied across by mfgtool?







Ok, so I can send individual files using

<CMD type="push" body="filename:NANDFlash\\sandy.mp3">Specify the file name and path in the board.</CMD>
<CMD type="push" body="send" file="files/sandy.mp3">Sending a file from the host.</CMD>

I'd still be interested if an entire folder structure (subfolders and files) was possible, without having to send each file separately.