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[i.MX6]compile error of weston for GPU-vivante

Question asked by andy yang on Aug 21, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by jimmychan

Hi everyone


I want to build weston for GPU-vivante at i.MX6 platform,but i run into compile error of weston for GPU-vivante


I'm following these steps to build Wayland-Weston for i.MX6 and get stuck at step 7(Building Weston).



Is there required file(ex .pc) for pkgconfig folder?[export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$WLD/lib/pkgconfig/:$WLD/share/pkgconfig/]


Could you give some advice?


[compile error]

Package requirements (egl >= 7.10 gles2) were not met


Best regards