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Can I Integrate IAR EW with PE Design Suite?

Question asked by DaveTonyCook on Aug 21, 2014
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Can I? or should I?

The more I look into the different options open to me the more confused I get and I'm sure I'm not alone. But first a bit of background.

I want to know the best and most efficient way to start my project.  I have 32Kb of software collateral that I'm about to port to a Kinetis device from an H8S.

  • The RTOS on the H8S is Nucleus Plus £xxxxx so I've opted for a very close cousin ThreadX £xxxx
  • I've also gone for the IAR EW toolchain as it supports ThreadX
  • Since I'm porting from the H8S I'm going to have to rewrite my drivers (amongst other things)

Enter PE DS... Now this looks like a gift I want to leverage the automatic code generation provided by PE and integrate it with my project.  I can create my peripheral drivers using PE and then import them into IAR EW build and there you have it. If I want to cut the cord between my project and PE so that my IAR project and it's source code are completely stand alone then I can follow AN4769.  I think this will allow for better software configuration management and maintenance moving forward ie not having to maintain two tool sets and projects etc.

Now the confusion..


My options for a completely Integrated Development Environment are :


1. KDS. This integrates KSDK,PE and runs under Kelper with ARM GCC.  Could I integrate my IAR toolchain with this.... tried it and... yes you can but no you can't.  Whilst there is a plug in to kelper you cant get KDS/PE to run the IAR tools?

2. PE DS. This integrates with KSDK (as of the 17th August. See announcement) and runs under kelper.  loaded the IAR plugin and it work well. However, when it comes to integrating ThreadX with the project I will need to modify the startup.s file which I cant find?

3. Vanilla Eclipse Kelper. I put this together with all the plugins, IAR,PE,Eclox,SVN etc and works great although I need a more powerful PC !    The debugger is slow to launch and I really miss the restart button.


The last two give me both Eclipse and IAR Tools but which out of 2 & 3 are the best?  Or should I stick to the IAR EW and just import the PE xml file at least I can see the start-up files?