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FRDM-KL25Z Demo Code for mbed

Discussion created by David Mcdaid Employee on Aug 21, 2014
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I've seen a lot of people asking for the original demo code that is running on the FRDM-KL25Z when it is first removed from packaging and powered up. The original code consists of logic that changes the built-in RGB LED colour based on values from the on-board accelerometer, with brightness control coming from the use of the board's capacitance slider. This is originally running as a pre-compiled .srec file that can be flashed to the board (along with other examples) that are supplied in the Quick Start Package.


Since I have not been able to find a re-creation anywhere I've made one with the online mbed compiler using pre-existing libraries that are openly available via the search bar on mbed.


Please follow this link to receive the code / import to your own mbed workspace:



This program should also be visible through the use of the search bar within the mbed compiling environment.


Instructions here for anyone that has not yet set-up their FRDM board for use with mbed:

mbed FRDM KL25Z Getting Started - Handbook | mbed


Code for re-creating the demo within CodeWarrior exists within the 'KL25_SC.exe' file that can be downloaded from below. However, the demo code does not come with project files and cannot be directly imported to CW. Starting from scratch and porting the code over is the way to go with that.