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KDS: Preserving Memory Ranges

Question asked by ANDREA IODICE on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by ANDREA IODICE

I am developing on a K64 custom board a bootloader and an application. I have written the bootloader together with a sample application. I did the same already on many ColdFire in the past.


The problem I am facing is that the P&E debug server seems to erase all the flash on the chip while loading the program to debug. This makes things difficult because I want to be able to debug the bootloader without erasing the application or the application without erasing the bootloader.


I am already aware of the method explained in Preserving Memory Ranges on MCU on Eclipse but it requires to modify the programming algorithm file (.arp) for the K64.


But as the algorithm loaded by the P&E debug server is the same (same CPU) when I debug the bootloader or the application so when I need to debug the bootloader I must modify the file to preserve the range of the application and if I successively need to debug the application I have to modify the file again to preserve the range of the bootloader... a bit impratical.


The memory ranges are in different erase sectors on the flash (bootloader: 0 .. 1FFFF / application: 20000 .. FFFFF).


Is it possible to specify to the debug server to only erase a range when loading?

Or alternatively to specify the .arp file to load so to have 2 different files with different ranges preserved for the same CPU?