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SWO with MQX 4.1.0, JLink, IAR, K64 Freedom

Question asked by Kenny Koller on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by Kenny Koller

Hi Everyone,


I've been reading through the IAR and MQX documentation and can't seem to find explicit instructions as to how to enable SWO. I have choose SWO for stderr/stdout with semihosting using the "Hello" example but it continues to call _io_serial_polled_write.


Related to this is the library build. I followed the instructions and built all the libraries and then added the existing "Hello" project. I chose SWO in the BSP library as well.


I cut/opened the trace at J8 and J12 to allow the JLink connection.


My application will eventually use four serial ports and I'd like to use SWO for debugging.


The libraries and RTOS look promising in general.