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iMX6 EPIT Clock Source

Question asked by Michel Verhagen on Aug 17, 2014
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The EPIT clock source (EPITx_CR:CLKSRC) option 2 (0x10) is the high frequency clock. Am I right to assume this is the 24 MHz CKIH clock source?


I'm a bit confused by the description of this clock source. In Table 25-2 it states:


Clock name        Clock root       Description

ipg_clk_highfreq  perclk_clk_root  High-frequency reference clock


But what has ipg_clk_highfreq to do with the perclk_clk_root? And if this is really the perclk, then I'm confused because the perclk derives from the ipg_clk (see the Clock Tree diagram), so what then is the difference between CLKSRC selection 1 and 2?