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How to use 9 Axis system to get Roll , Pitch, Yaw using FXOS8700CQ + FXAS21000 ?

Question asked by Amit Kumar on Aug 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by Mike Stanley


Is there any document or tutorial to get error corrected Roll, Pitch and YAW (AHRS) using 3 axis accelerometer + 3 axis Magnetometer +3 axisGyro. I tried finding the quaternion using Madgwick algorithm for AHRS but it didn't worked.  When I tried changing the orientation from 0-90 degree , the values showed 0-360 degrees multiple times. So I wanted to follow the standards and make it work. In this I wanted self calibration and using these sensor error correction also. Please Look into the matter.


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