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imx6 SabreSD, Linaro/Oneiric/Ubuntu, and Yocto

Question asked by steve rathjen on Aug 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2014 by Yuri Muhin

Hi All,

I've built fsl-image-gui using Yocto (Dora? Dylan?) for my custom board and now would like to, for demo purposes, run Ubuntu (Linaro or Oneiric??) on my board... but don't want to spend too much time (not getting paid for it!).  I've seen a few post on how to install on a SD but I've not had much success (nor spent much time on it).  It would be REALLY COOL to have Ubuntu running on my custom device! 


I have a SABRESDB too, custom board is based off that, so let's start there (I do build a custom uboot for my board):



Do I need to install LTIB?  Can I run LTIB on Ubuntu 12.04 (PC)?  I see conflicting posts on whether this is possible.  What about 14.04?

Is there a premade image for Ubuntu/Linaro/Oneiric that will run on the SabreSDB?

Can I build a Ubuntu/Linaro/Oneiric image (.sdcard file) using Yocto?  Or at least part of it?  Kernel?

Is Yocto now official Freescale 'ware' or is LTIB?  My product release is coming soon, I've gone down the Yocto road until now...