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Documentation for KSDK functions

Question asked by Lee Shaver on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2014 by Kerry Zhou

I'm working on a project using the TWR-KV31F120M. It seems that the processor and/or board are only currently supported with the KSDK, unlike the KV10 TWR board, which means that I'm stuck using the fsl Components in Processor Expert. So far the documentation I've been able to find on the fsl Components is far more limited in scope than the documentation available for "native" PEx Components. In particular, the documentation available for the PEx ADC component, particularly the usage examples, is far more helpful than the documentation for fsl_adc. The functions exposed by the "native" Components are also much more useful in getting things up and running quickly.


So far the only resource I've found for the fsl components are the html pages loaded by right-clicking on the Component and selecting "Help on Component". The code examples I've encountered all seem to ignore the fsl libraries, or are at least wrapping them in a higher level API if they are, in fact, depending on them.


Are there other resources available that will help me in this endeavor?


Also, is the lack of "native" PEx support a result of the age of this chip? Should I expect it to have similar support to the KV10 in the future? If so, how far away is that future?