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Setting the interrupts on MQX LITE system

Question asked by Konstantin Kiryanov on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by Konstantin Kiryanov

Hi all! I was began to porting the software on MQX LITE system, and in this process i have encountered a problem. Interrupt upon completion of the conversion of the ADC0 have not occur. I was tried to use the command _int_install_isr(), which has the form below:


_int_install_isr(0x49, ADC0_MeasurementCompleteInterrupt, adc0);


where ADC0_MeasurementCompleteInterrupt - pointer of interrupt handler, which was generated by Processor Expert, adc0 - descriptor of ADC0, which contains the pointer of ADC0 data, and 0x49 - ADC0's interrupt vector. Can you tell me where is the error? This function is called from task1. Tell me, is there a complete description of the mechanism of interrupts in MQX LITE system? In the document MQX LITEUG almost nothing written about the interrupt mechanism. Help me please!