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CMSIS lib with MQX Lite RTOS ?

Question asked by Amit Kumar on Aug 14, 2014
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I am using K60 uc with codewarrior 10.6. currently, I want to interface CMSIS library with MQX_Lite RTOS. I have build the library and tested it on codes without RTOS for K60. It is working fine but as I tried interfacing it on the MQX_Lite RTOS it started showing errors. These error came only by including arm.math.h which is the standard header file used in all the program using CMSIS lib. I tried including it in main.c or  mqx_task.c but in both cases this error was there.






Please look into the matter and help me to resolve this issue. Attached is the build library along with the code.


Kind regards

Amit Kumar

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