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Can i.MX6DL receive 1080p60 image through CSI ?

Question asked by hyungjun yoon on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by Eric Nelson


I  have tested camera through CSI0 in I.MX6DL for android 4.2.2.-1.1.0

I have it68013 hdmi decoder chip that  supports 1920x1080p60.

I can preview 1920x1080p30, 1280x720p60 HDMI input.

but in case of 1920x1080p60, it didn't work. The image is broken a lot.

According to reference manual, IPU CSI supports it. but IC block output supports upto 1920x1080p30.


Are there anyone who knows how to preview 1920x1080p60 camera input ?



Hyungjun Yoon