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[KL25Z] [KL46Z] Maximum ADC conversion rate

Question asked by Earl Orlando Ramirez-Sanchez on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by Bryan Cole

Hi guys,


Now I'm testing in the KL25Z platform and I'm trying to run the ADC as the fastest ADC conversion rate but I can't. The datasheet (p27. Kinetis KL25 Sub-Family, Rev4 03/2014) says that the maximum ADC conversion rate is 818,330 samples per second which means that the minimum sample time is 1.222 us but I'm getting about 1.677 us. My bus clock is 23.986 MHz.


The ADC is configured with 12 bits, single-ended, no hardware average and software triggered with conversion complete interrupts. I start the continuous conversions writing the channel in the ADC0_SC1A register and I save the result of the conversion in the ADC0_IRQHandler() function. I have ADC0 interrupts every 1.677 us when it's supposed to be every 1.277 us.


What am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance,




Registers configured in the init function.


No low power mode, divide input by 1, short sample time, single ended 12-bit conversion and bus clock.

ADLPC = 0. No low power.

ADIV = 0. Clock divided by 1.

ADLSMP = 0. Short sample time.

MODE = 1. 12 bits single-ended.

ADICLK = 3. Bus clock as input clock (23.986 MHz).



Channel A selected, asynchronous clock output disabled, high speed and 2 ASDCK extra sample cycles.

MUXSEL = 0. Channel A.

ADACKEN = 0. Asynchronous clock output disabled.

ADHSC = 1. High-speed.

ADLSTS = 3. 2 extra ASDCK cycles, 6 in total.



Interrupts by conversion complete enabled, single ended and ADC inactive.

AIEN = 1. Conversion complete interrupt enabled.

DIFF = 0. Single-ended conversions.

CH = 31. ADC disabled (by the moment).



Software trigger, without comparator, greater than, compare function range enabled, DMA disabled and alternate reference.

ADTRG = 0. Software triggered.

ACFE = 0. Compare function disabled.

ACFGT = 1. Grater than or equal to threshold (doesn't matter because ACREN = 0).

ACREN = 0. Range function disabled.

DMAEN = 0. DMA disabled.

REFSEL = 1. Alternate voltage reference.



Calibration off, single conversion, average disabled.

CAL = 0. Calibration off.

ADCO = 1. Continuous conversions.

AVGE = 0. Hardware average disabled.

AVGS = 0. 4 samples for the hardware averaging (doesn't matter because AVGE = 0).