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AN4368 k20 port running but we are getting "Unknown file type," any suggestions?

Question asked by Robert Hana on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by ZhangJennie



    We have (mostly) ported AN4368 for the k20. We have created 2 projects for the TWR-K20D72M; hello_world and k20d72M_demo

The *.s19 file is generated in the project and we put this file onto a usb stick and rename it as image.s19 (as indicated in the documentation.)


The debug message that comes up after the datastick is read is "Unknown file type," the bootloader reads the file but doesn't believe it is

one of the listed filetypes.


Any ideas would could be wrong? Is there a way to convert the s19 to another format? What do you suggest?