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KITFXLC95000EVM not connecting to Sensor Toolbox

Question asked by Frederick Soo on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by Margaret Nadworny

hi, I've got a brand new KITFXLC95000EVM but I'm having trouble connecting to Sensor Toolbox.  I've downloaded the latest version and started it.  It says 'Finding HW.  Please Plug in the board.  Scanning port: COM5".  Revision is  


I've plugged the board into a USB port.

The green power led is on (switch is on).

The TX and RX LEDs are blinking - the TX four or five times for each time the RX LED blinks.

The FTDI driver seems to be working - it is set to 9600baud, N-8-1.

Can somebody help?  I'm pretty much stuck.