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AN2295SW Archives, or otherwise modifying the "master" app?

Question asked by Doug Paulsen on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by Doug Paulsen

The (in)famous AN2295 bootloader:  Is there an archive of the code versions?  For that matter, what is the latest version and how does one find it?


I have managed to locate some AN2295SW versions by combing for ZIP file links in community messages.  Out of these I have successfully implemented a Coldfire V1 bootloader under classic Codewarrior 6.3.  I would like to modify the PC side (or master) application that feeds the embedded bootloader.  The PC side application, however, is built using Microsoft's Visual Studio and using MFC.  Unfortunately, MFC is not supported in Microsoft's Visual Studio "Express" (aka free!) versions.  To modify the PC side application, one will need a fully paid up Visual Studio. 


Fortunately, I've got one!  What I'd like to do is find the last/most current AN2295sw that is compatible with VS 2008. 


I've managed to corral a version 9.1.59 which was build under VS2005 and I can therefore work with it.  I'd much prefer, however, to use the version 10.0.13 (the most current I've found and a much better interface than v9.1.59), but VS2008 gags on opening the V10.0.13's project solution.  Seems like there must be some releases between these two numbers, but I'm not have any luck finding them - hence my search for an archive.


Thanks for any thoughts...