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Getting an error " No source available for "0xFFFFFFFE (0xFFFFFFFE)() " " porting k60 bootloader from AN4368 to k20

Question asked by Robert Hana on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2014 by Carlos_Musich



   We have been following AN4368 for porting the k60 bootloader to the k20 (on a TWR-K20D72M.) The project compiles however when we go to debug there is this error

"No source available for "0xFFFFFFFE (0xFFFFFFFE)() " " (debug stops on main, then just after pressing the resume button this happens.)

[We are using codewarrior 10.6, windows XP]


The disassembly listing lists the following:

0xFFFFFFFa: movs r0, r0

0xFFFFFFFc: movs r0, r0

0xFFFFFFFe: movs r0, r0


This has happened after adjusting the memory map in the Bootloader.h file (as directed in AN4368)


#define MIN_RAM1_ADDRESS        0x1FFF0000

#define MAX_RAM1_ADDRESS        0x20007FFF

#define MIN_FLASH1_ADDRESS     0x00000000

#define MAX_FLASH1_ADDRESS      0x0003FFFF

#define IMAGE_ADDR              ((uint_32_ptr)0x10000)

#define ERASE_SECTOR_SIZE       (0x800)  /* 2K bytes*/


Likewise in the *.lcf file we have modified it to:


  m_interrupts  (RX) : ORIGIN = 0x00010000, LENGTH = 0x00000400

  m_cfmprotrom  (RX) : ORIGIN = 0x00010400, LENGTH = 0x00000010

  m_text        (RX) : ORIGIN = 0x00010410, LENGTH = 0x0006FBF0-0x00000800

  vectorram (RWX) : ORIGIN = 0x1FFF0000, LENGTH = 0x00000400

  m_data        (RW) : ORIGIN = 0x1FFF8000, LENGTH = 0x00010000-0x00000200

  m_bdt  (RW) : ORIGIN = 0x20007E00, LENGTH = 0x200




.vectorram :
___VECTOR_RAM = .;
} > vectorram



One thread indicates the program counter value is causing the program to jump to the end of memory because there is nothing there otherwise.

We are just trying to get the bootloader running by itself (there is no application on top of the bootloader yet.)

Other threads indicate it could be a setting the debugger.




Is this a memory issue from the memory table or does this have to do with a debugger setting? Any ideas?


Thank you.