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Eclipse TimeSys Linux Breakpoints - How to set?

Question asked by Jack Blather on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by Timesys Support

I'm trying to do simultaneous debugging on the Vybrid's A5 and M4 cores.


The A5 core is running TimeSys Linux and the M4 core is running MQX.


I can set Breakpoints for MQX over CMSIS-DAP and all seems to be great. However.....


I cannot set breakpoints for the Linux side of things. I'm using the instructions found in Chapter Six of "Vybrid Getting Started Guide with Linux-MQX".


When I try to set a breakpoint in a Linux/Timesys C program, Eclipse tries to insert that breakpoint into the MQX debugging session instead! I found this out when I saw Eclipse switch to the MQX Debugging Session "Commands" console and then try to set a breakpoint by executing this command:


break -p "/home/..........":73


The MQX debugging session then print out a message indicating that:


No compilation unit matching "/home/.........." was found


When I try to set a Linux debugging session breakpoint when an MQX debugging session is not active, a greyed-out breakpoint indicator shows up in the left column next on the source line. The breakpoints window shows nothing.


However.....I can select "Run to Line" on the Linux side. I can also set breakpoints in the Disassembly view on the Linux side. I just can't set breakpoints in the C Linux source. Weird.


Anyone have any clue what I cannot set Linux breakpoints? I went through all the menus, etc and searched through the Freescale Community to no avail.


Thanks In Advance