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TWR-K20D50M as SPI Slave over TWRPI?

Question asked by Doug Hecker on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by Kerry Zhou

Is the TWRPI connector J3 pin 11 on the TWR-K20D50M suppose to be PTD0/DSPI0_PCS0, and not connected to pin J3-20 (PTD4/DSPI0_PCS1)?  Without access to DSPI0_PCS0 on the TWRPI connector, the TWR-K20D50M can't be configured as an SPI Slave can it?  If I have a TWRPI device that must be the SPI Master, please share (if there's a way) how I can configure the TWR-K20D50M to be an SPI Slave (using SPI over the TWRPI of course).  The hope was to use J3-20 (or other GPIO) as an SPI interrupt to let the SPI Master know the TWR-K20D50M (in SPI Slave mode) had data to send, and the Master then use PCS0/SS as the Slave Select.