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IMX6Q parallel RGB565 input using gated-mode with Ti TFP401A

Question asked by Udo Schmelmer on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by pedram razavi


I'm planing to use the TexasInstruments TFP401A as DVI/HDMI input into the IMX6Q CSI. It should convert to parallel RGB565 data with CLOCK,HSYNC,VSYNC so in my opinion the gated-mode must be used. In section it is mentioned that "16bit RGB565" does only work together with non-gated mode. So can i use "16bit as generic data"? Whats the exact difference between these two?

Looking into the patch from How to Support RGB565 Gated Mode Input to i.MX6 CSI it seems it has something to do with Bayer format? (cfg_param.data_fmt = CSI_SENS_CONF_DATA_FMT_BAYER).

Finally i want to capture the rgb data, compress using the VPU and stream it over Ethernet.

Thanks in advance!

Udo Schmelmer