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What is the best way to Integrate PE drivers into Non-PE project such as IAR workbench?

Question asked by DaveTonyCook on Aug 12, 2014
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I have an existing application that I'm porting to an K22.  I will also be adding more features to the existing application.  The port will require that all the peripheral drivers will need writing for the new platform and that the project will be developed using the IAR Workbench 7.2 for Cortex - M4 (CM4)


It seems that PE Device Suite gives a fast route to achieving this.  With regard to integrating a PE driver into a non-PE project there is an application note AN4769.  The App note describes quite well how to do this however my question is has this App note been replaced by the 'Add project connection'  feature in IAR Workbench.  With this feature you load the PE ProjectInfo.xml file.


Im a bit confused on which is the best approach since the later seems to give me a more complicated problem with tool/project maintenance in that the tools are separate and so are the projects.  I'm trying to understand which is the best approach in generating drivers that can be stand-alone libs that can be integrated into my application project under IAR?