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How to use the floating license with another computer which is not connected with my office server ?

Question asked by Siva Kumar Anantharaman on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by Pascal Irrle

Hi Everyone,


        I am using a floating license for using the MQX RTOS  with Code Warrior IDE. We have got the license for one year and still 8 months are available.


My Doubt is ,


  • We are using the license by keeping it in the office server. The Clients are systems that are used by us for development.


  • Now I need to use my codewarrior with license in my home for further development, when i am not in office.


  • How to use the licensed version in my home without disturbing the one in office, FYI my home is connected with internet ?



Please provide me the procedure for accessing the license in my home ..




Siva Kumar A