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Issues using Segger J-Link with KDS

Question asked by lategoodbye on Aug 11, 2014
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i'm using Kinetis Design Studio 1.1.0 under Windows 7. Currently i'm facing the 2 issues.


Issue #1: Kinetis Design Studio 1.1.0 comes with new Segger driver and new J-Link firmware. If i try to debug an application with KDS i'm forced to update the J-Link firmware. So i start the update process. Unfortunately KDS don't know nothing about this firmware update and kill the update task at half of progress because of it's timeout.


As a workaround i tried the flash button which didn't interrupt the firmware update.


Issue #2: I've a custom board with a MK20 and a KL02Z. Each of them are connected to a Segger J-Link and both are connected to a single PC via USB. If i try to flash one of the Kinetis chips i always get a dialog to select the desired J-Link. So good, so far. Unfortunately sometimes KDS don't wait in debug mode for the dialog result and runs into an error because it took a wrong target (not J-Link). But if i use the flash button the problem do not happen.


BR Stefan Wahren