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TWR-K40X256 ADC-DAC system doubts

Question asked by Francisco Fernandes on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2014 by Mark Butcher

Hi everyone,
Basically for the past month I've been learning embedded programming while working with TWR-K40X256 (MK40DX256ZVMD10 micro-controller). Right now I'm tasked with converting a generic sinusoidal wave (like a sum of sines) via ADC, applying some basic digital signal processing to the data and then converting the processed digital data back to analog using DAC.
I've decided to use Processor Expert for this and so I've added the components DAC_LDD and ADC_LDD to the project (images of the configurations below).
Looking through the Typical Usage for both the components I've tried to implement a continuous measurement of a selected sample group (w/ interrupt service) without much success (measured values are always 0) and for the DAC part i am generally not sure about the way to implement the conversion.
Do you have some suggestions or code snippets on how to solve the problem/implement the system I explained?
I'm sure this is a basic task and all these doubts must be born on my inexperience.


Thank you for all the attention!