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Could not delete file in nand flash file system

Question asked by cheng wu on Aug 8, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2014 by jamesbone

Dear all,

I'm developing a wince700 BSP on a i.MX53 board, now I have a problem about the nand flash file system, I have a 256M nand flash on my board, and I partition it into two parts as the document from freescale, I use the first part to store my nk, and the second part to store some user files, after the OS boot up, one of my application would download some files from my server and write it into the second part of the nand flash, this function is work now, the files is still exist after I re-power up the board, but when I use the remote tools connect to the board, and try to delete the files I downloaded from the server, it came out an error says that "access is denied", and the remote tool shows that the file attribute is 00000023, I have another board run wince500, the file attribute on this board is 00000020, and the files could be delete successful, is the file attribute result in the delete problem? if it is, please tell me how to change the attribute, thank you very much.

by the way, here is my registry setting for the second partition of nand flash:








  "FriendlyName"="NAND Flash Driver"












  "Name"="NAND FLASH Storage"