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running clutter based application on imx53

Question asked by Rays Sadet on Aug 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by gusarambula

Hi everyone:


i am trying to execute a clutter based application on the imx53qsb board but am getting errors.
i used the fsl-bsp dora to butbake core-image-sato and IMAGE_INSTALLed packagegroup-core-clutter-core

clutter code compiles without error but on execution i get the error:


GModule-CRITICAL **: g_module_close: 'module->ref_count > 0' failed

Clutter-CRITICAL **: Unable to initialize Clutter: Failed to connected to any renderer due to constraints

Segmentation fault


i am not sure where the problem is coming from or what to configure for it.

simple_draw 1000, es11ex works fine for opengl testing.


anybody got any clutter app on imx53 working .. your method used is welcomed..

anybody with any idea is welcomed to help and ask any specific question if need...