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KDS, Kinetis KE06, Hard Fault when Tx and Rx CAN data

Question asked by Brian Mohlman on Aug 7, 2014
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I am developing on a FRDM-KE06 board using KDS and also using PE to generate low level code for a design I am working on. I have the MSCAN module set up to interrupt for CAN Receives, but not Transmits. I currently have the CAN filters set to receive all messages. If I just receive CAN messages everything seems fine. If I add code to periodically Transmit a CAN message then I get a Hard Fault and it looks like the PE generated read of the receive frame is where it is exiting via the hard fault. I don't remember having any such issues when coding on a HCS12 part. I looks to me like the MSCAN hardware is the same for both. Any ideas??