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T4240QDS PCIe x8 configuration

Question asked by Vigneshwaren Sankaran on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by Vigneshwaren Sankaran

We are working on T4240QDS rev 1 machine.


The current SerDes configuration that we are using is


SerDes protocol 1: 1

SerDes protocol 2: 28

SerDes protocol 3: 6

SerDes protocol 4: 12


To configure the PCI as an x8 slot we chose the values

(SRDS_PRTCL_S3 = 2 and SRDS_PRTCL_S4 = 4).


The inserted card was then booted, the kernel logs showed that the slot was still detected as a x4 slot.


Portion of the Logs:



(PCI Express:5.0GT/s:Width x4) 00:1b:21:ba:9f:6e


MAC: 2, PHY: 15, SFP+: 6, PBA No: Unknown

PCI-Express bandwidth available for this card is not sufficient for optimal performance.

For optimal performance a x8 PCI-Express slot is required


How do I configure the slot (Slot 7) as a x8 slot?