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Rendering Problem of Android 4.2.2-1.1.0 Web Browser

Question asked by Kyu-Myoung Lee on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by li yu

I had ported Android 4.2.2-1.1.0-ga to my custom board using i.MX6 Duallite and it looked like working well.

The board has HDMI 1080P output as first display and CVBS output as second display.


But I found that rendering result of web brower is broken in tiles like the photo below.

(The photo was taken after loading web page)


The problem seems to occur very well at sites using javascript heavily, like

I also found fast scoll makes it occur frequently.


I found others faced similar problem before but no answer(android 4.2.2 JB-1.1.0 Browser problem!)


First, I attempted to upgrade to new GPU software in Android jb4.2.2 GPU upgade with the latest 4.6.9p13 driver, but it didn't solve the problem.


When I tried to compare the result with Sabres SD(i.MX6Q), I found Sabre has the same problem.

Sabre was programmed with original 4.2.2-1.1.0 binary(SD card version) and was configured to use 1080P HDMI as first(only) display.

The problem ocurrs much less frequenlty than my board, when I scroll the google maps site very fast, it occurs from time to time.

The photo above was taken of HDMI output of Sabre SD when the problem occured.


I found no problem when using Firefox or Chrome instead of internal browser, which makes me think it might not be problem of GPU.

Because I found no meaningful message in logcat, I have no clue where I should start to fix the problem.