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P1010RDB and Gigabit Networking

Question asked by yensid on Aug 5, 2014
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I have a P1010RDB and a custom PCB based on the RDB both with the Vitesse vsc8641xko phy chip using SDKv1.5.  I have been unable to obtain a gigabit connection to either board, which is a requirment for us. I have tried connecting directly from the RDB to a laptop with gigabit and through a gigabit switch ,both using cat 6 cable, but the RDB and our PCB will only connect with a 100/Full connection.


Thinking there was a driver issue I looked in U-boot and found support for the vsc8641 in U-boot. I did not find support specifically for the vsc8641 in the kernel, the chip is not listed the vitesse.c file. Since there is a network connection there must be another, possiblely generic, driver controlling the chip?


Is the lack a specific driver the issue? Or is this more of a speed negotiation issue?


Thanks for your ideas! I can provide any info needed I'm just not sure what would be helpful at this point.