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nandflash example in mqx

Question asked by T tech on Aug 5, 2014
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Hello everyone,

       I am using MQX4.1 CW10.6 & MK60FX512VLQ12 controller on our custom board.

I have tested nandflash demo example on TWRK60F120M & is working fine.Now I am trying it on my custom board & getting output as


MQX NAND Flash Example Application




NAND Flash device nandflash: opened

Obtaining NAND Flash organization data ...

ID:                      0x0

Physical page size:      2048 bytes

Spare area size:         64 bytes

Block size:              131072 bytes

Number of blocks:        2048

Width:                   16

Number of virtual pages: 524288

Virtual page size:       512 bytes



Block #1 is bad

Block #2 is bad

Block #3 is bad

Block #4 is bad

Block #5 is bad

Block #6 is bad


Block #2047 is bad



Size of the write buffer allocated in RAM: 16384 bytes



Erasing block #0 failed.

Writing data to 16 virtual pages of block #0 ... Done



Reading data back from 16 virtual pages of block #0 ... Failed

Comparing data ... Compare failed

I have done clock setting

SIM_CLKDIV4 &=  0x00FFFFFF; /* clear 8 most significant bits */


as given in discussion -

Re: FFS on NANDFLASH of TWR-K70 (MQX 4.0.1)

this is also not working.What may be wrong in this.

Any solution?



Thanks for the help.