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mingw32-make error problem

Question asked by Amreen Sayyed on Aug 4, 2014
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I am working with KL25Z128VLH4 on CW10.3.

I am using UART1 and UART0 in this controller.


I am defining a structure for UART in my HWApi.h file.

typedef struct


  LDD_TDeviceData* DeviceDataPrv1;

  volatile uint8_t isSent; /* this will be set to 1 once the block has been sent */

  uint8_t rxChar; /* single character buffer for receiving chars */

  uint8_t (*rxPutFct)(uint8_t); /* callback to put received character into buffer */

} UART_Desc;

UART_Desc deviceData_UART0,deviceData_UART1;


I am using "deviceData_UART0" for UART0 and "deviceData_UART1" for UART1.


Now in Event.c file I have to use this structure.

But when I included HWApi.h file in Event.c file an error occurred as


mingw32-make: *** [VTS_Code_64Pin.elf] Error 1

I am not getting what is the meaning of this type of error?


But when I copied(redefined ) above structure in Event.c as it is,without including HWApi.h file it works.

Both files are located in local "sources" folder.