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S08 - Defining more than one segment rule syntax ?

Discussion created by Gary Poole on Sep 7, 2007
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In my mc9s08 .prm file, one particular code segment has a requirement for more than one rule, ie, i'd like to use both the RELOCATE_TO and the FILL rules, as per :-
    ROM_IMAGE                =  READ_ONLY    0xFC00 TO 0xFDFF 
                                              RELOCATE_TO  0x01B8       
                                              FILL 0xFF;
Unfortunately, i'm having problems with the syntax as whenever i attempt to asign more than one rule, i get a compilation error stating that i have a missing ';' after the first rule.
I can specify either rule individually, but not together.
Am i missing something here ? Of course, i'm assuming that i can apply more than one rule...

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